Book Trade Policy

The Bookworm's Book Trade Policy


Bookworm's Book Trade Policy

 *How  it works: When you bring in books for trade, we will determine whether  or not we take your books by checking the shelves for the same titles.  We try not to keep more than 2 copies of a title. We also check them for  condition. When it is determined which of your books we will accept, we  will price them according to the amount we will charge. You will  receive 1/2 that amount which can be used towards the purchase of other  pre-read books and used media materials which are priced with a red  sticker. When purchasing books with a credit slip, 50% of your purchase  must be paid in cash and the remaining 50% will be deducted from your  credit slip.

*Rules of Trade:

1. When bringing in books  that have been priced to sell at a garage sale, please remove the garage  sale stickers. Removal of those stickers is labor intensive and reduces  the trade in value or may cause us to not accept them.

2. We do not accept books with broken bindings, browning pages, torn covers, or soiled covers or pages.

3. Some books, computer and finance, health etc.  for example, will not be accepted if they are outdated.

4. Hardcovers must have the dust jacket.

5. We do not accept periodicals.

6. We do not accept Reader's Digest Condensed books.
7. We do not accept discarded library books

7.  If you do not use your credit in full at the time of the trade, we will  issue you a credit slip which you can use to purchase pre-read books in  the future. Don't lose your credit slip as we do not keep records of  the slips.

8. Books purchased at The Bookworm will not necessarily be accepted back for trade.

9.  We try to get through your books while you wait. Any books not accepted  must be taken back, we cannot dispose of them for you.


-->Mass  Media Paperbacks: We price mass media paperbacks in like new condition  at 1/2 of the original cover price. Books that are not in like new  condition are adjusted in price according to the condition.

-->Series  Romance: Our pricing for Series Romance(ie: Harlequin Romance,  Silhouette Romance etc.) is different than that of other Mass Media  books. Like new books with a cover price of $3.99 and less will be  priced 50 cents, $4.00-$4.50 books will be priced at 75 cents,  $4.51-$4.99 will be $1.00 and those over $5.00 will be $1.50. Books will  be adjusted down according to condition.

-->Hard Covers and  Trade (Oversized) Paperbacks :Book Club editions are generally priced  $3.00 while others may be priced up to as much as 1/6 of the original  price. Books are adjusted down according to condition.

-->Older  and Out of Print Books: Please be advised that we, at The Bookworm, are  not book antiquarians and cannot give you a value on older books. We  will accept books that we may sell and will offer a nominal amount for  those books. Sometimes we may get lucky and give a dollar credit for a  book we may be able to sell for $10.00. Or we may get unlucky and sell a  book valued at $300.00 for only $10.00. (yes that is an actual  story!!!)If you are looking for a value to your older books please  consult a book antiquarian.

-->Limiting books: We reserve the  right to limit quantities of books at any time. As a general rule after  Thanksgiving until mid-January we limit to 10 books per trade as we are  busy with the holiday rush and try to 
keep our numbers down for  inventory in January.
   We do not take ex-library books.

We reserve the right to change our book trade policy at any time without notice.

Store Credit is good towards other pre-read books only.

Unfortunately we do not pay cash for books.