Books for Everyone!

New & Bestsellers


We carry new books and bestsellers discounted 15% everyday. If there is something we do not have in stock we are more than happy to order it in for you at the same 15% discount with no additional shipping fees or charges. 

Remaindered Books


Remaindered books are publisher overstocks that we can offer at a deep discount of at least 50%.

Pre-Read Books


 Our  pre-read books range from cookbooks to horror and everything in between  (although some people's cooking IS horrific!! haha!). Our books are very  well arranged. We get LOTS of compliments on how neat and well  organized our books are! they are separated into categories and from  there fiction is alphabetized by author's last name. If there is a  question about an author we are happy to look it up for you, we do not  have a digital list of our inventory but are happy to help you check shelves  or order it in for you.

Children's Room


Our children's book room has a wide variety of both new and used books. We have baby board books, a large selelcation of Little Golden Books,  children's storybooks, chapter books for emerging readers, middle grade  books, and young adult books for leisure and school reading. We try to  keep a good selection of local school reading on hand. 

Out of Print/Old Books


We are pleased to have added our Out of Print area a couple of years ago. It has been a huge hit.

Book Exchange


We also offer a book exchange program. You can exchange your used books for store credit towards other pre-read books. See our Book Trade Policy page for complete details.

Book Trade Policy