A Little History of The Bookworm& BW Gifts


The  Bookworm was born in 1986 when we purchased a discount bookstore which  sold new adult and children's books at discounts of 50% and more. There  was also a paperback trading policy which allowed customers to exchange  books they had read for other titles. (We were 'green' before it was  popular!!) Our little store flourished and we moved to our larger  location at the Oakwood Square Plaza and in 5 years outgrew that one as  well by adding gifts, book related items other novelties.

In  1996 we bought our own (current) building which was originally built  around the turn of the 20th Century to bottle beer which was hauled in by horse teams from Lackawanna. (Since it was located directly across from an Ice House it was the perfect location.) There have been many businesses in this building since then, most memorably The Aurora Bottling Works. Many customers come in and reminisce about when they used to come to this location to buy their bottled soda pop.  We have a few relics from that time on display.

Fast  forward 30 years from the time we bought that little bookstore and you  will find we have expanded our retail space from 800 square feet to over 3500! We remodeled the back warehouse room in 2004 to add our BW Gifts gift room. We still have new, remaindered and pre-read books and a book  exchange.

We truly care about our customers and are told time and time again that

 The Bookworm is a warm, relaxing, welcoming, fun place to shop. We are still a locally, family owned and run business. We love chatting with  some of our original customers (and their kids and grandkids) whom we consider dear friends . Loyal customers will remember "Grandpa" fondly  from when he was here almost every Friday night and now we have "Mr. Ed"  who took over his chair.

Come in and get to know our unique store and introduce yourself. We love to meet new people!!