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Generally workshops are Pre-register and Pre-pay. Our coordinators need to know how much material to prepare and we have limited space available for each event.

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Author "Grampy" Don Lee with Adventures of The Tiny Red Bug

The Adventures of The Tiny Red Bug Saturday June 16th 11-1


The Tiny Red Bug is on vacation in Key Largo Florida and decides to visit his old buddy Arty, the blind aardvark. Arty lives in Dubuque, Iowa. He decides to relax for a few days in Key Largo then go north up the Florida coast, then on to Atlanta Georgia and St. Lious, Missouri. He'll rest in each city before surprising Arty in Dubuque. Little does the Tiny Red Bug know, but he is in for some fun adventures.

Bring the kids and come in for some fun with Grampy Lee and the Tiny Red Bug.

June 23rd Mary Quinn-Stanbro with The Berry Picker House

The Berry Picker House Saturday June 23rd 1-3pm

 The Berry-Picker House is a fictional story that ties together the chance meeting of two people in New Orleans during the early part of the twentieth century and a murder trial that takes place in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York decades later. Connected through the reoccurring song "Lace Around the Moon," this novella is a tale of misguided, tumultuous, and binding love and how the choices that people make affect the lives of everyone under the moonlit skies.  

About the Author:


Mary Pierre Quinn-Stanbro is from Buffalo, NY and currently resides there. She is the oldest of ten children. She is married to Gene Stanbro and will move to their Gene-Pierre Vineyard in Naples, NY when she retires from her Federal Government career where she has provided thirty-two years of public service. Mary Pierre is writing her Sequel to “The Berry-Picker House” and “Lace Around the Moon.” After that, she will be writing her next Novella called “The Band of Blue.” It is about a fictional murder which takes place in Buffalo back in the late 1950’s. It is a dedication to the Buffalo Police Department and her father and grandfather who were both Buffalo Police Officers. Mary Pierre has an Associate’s Degree from Trocaire College and a Bachelor’s Degree from Buffalo State College. She has always wanted to share her writings with others.

Author Katie Bihr July 14th 11am-1pm

Phantom Moon


Phantom Moon book description

The widowed Doctor Dante Rivera is forced to leave his home in Pamplona, Spain when he is thrown into a politically charged circumstance that threatens his life and those of his two small children. A timely request for a doctor from a clinic in Napa Valley, California seems a godsend. Dr. Rivera and his children emigrate to the Napa Valley to start a new life. There he meets the love of his life, the young Juanita Delgado. Their meeting begins the saga of these two Spanish families and their multigenerational struggle spanning from 1855 to 1967. Cultural restraints, heartbreaking circumstances, prejudice, war, and reversal of fortune keep lovers apart while the mystery of their love lives on. 

About Katie


Kathryn Bihr Biography

My Scot-Irish mother loved to tell stories. Usually they were about family and always with elaborately stretched truths woven into their fabric which changed with each telling. I inherited her love for storytelling.