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Eris Field Sat. Dec. 8th 11am-1pm with Jan Hess


Jamie’s Christmas Magi by Eris Field:

Ruggedly handsome Army psychiatrist Rauf, with the lean, hard body of a desert warrior, feels like a failure after years of fighting ISIS and loss of his family. His assignment now: provide treatment for veterans struggling with crippling symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder, but before he can help them, he must conquer his own demons.

Deserted by the husband she put through medical school, vibrant, red headed nurse Jamie vows she’ll never be a victim again! Her belief in love destroyed, she refuses to give up the dream of a home of her own. To get it, she’s determined to avoid men and climb out of the mountain of debt her ex-husband left her.

Assigned to assist the reclusive Rauf, Jamie agrees reluctantly. Working together, they discover feelings they’d believed dead: -throbbing, hot, tantalizing feelings. Will the scars they carry prevent them from accepting a second chance at love?  


About Eris:

As a seventeen year old student nurse at Albany Hospital, Eris met a Turkish surgical intern she would later marry. He told her fascinating stories about the history of Turkey, the loss of the Ottoman Empire, and forced population exchanges, tragically similar to todays’ refugees. After they married and moved to Buffalo, Eris worked as a nurse at Children’s Hospital and at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. 

After taking time off to raise five children and amass rejection letters for the short stories she wrote, Eris taught psychiatric nursing at the University and wrote a textbook for psychiatric nurse practitioners—an endeavor that required a great deal of hard labor and led to the decision to never write non-fiction again.

Now, Eris writes novels, usually international, contemporary romances. Her love of the South Towns of Western New York, her experience in psychiatry, and her dedication to reducing abuse of women and improving life for refugees become a part of each of her stories. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Western New York Romance Writers. She is also an active member of Knit for Peace, an organization the knits sweaters for child refugees. As she plots her stories, her fingers fly creating warm sweaters for refugee children where ever they may be.

Jan Hess Dec. 8th 11am-1pm with Eris Field

Jan's books

Writing as Emma Lane:

The Duke and Miss Amabel Hawkins, A Scandalous Design, My Passionate Love, Belinda, My Love, Tutored by a Duke

Writing as Janis Lane:

Murder in the Junkyard, Murder on Blake Hill, Whispers of Danger and Love

Jeff Schober Sat. Dec. 8th 1pm-3pm

Chased By Thunder

 “We think our father murdered our mother,” a woman tells police. Twenty-eight years earlier, young housewife Donna Burgard was stabbed to death. No killer was captured, although her husband was the prime suspect. Now, as the victim’s grown children request a fresh investigation, Detective Mark Bennett is plunged into murky shadows of the past. Can the truth still be uncovered? The Bennett family is dealing with its own challenges. While Mark navigates a new marriage, his mother is lost in dementia. Memories swirl as she talks knowingly about unfamiliar names and events. Younger brother Bobby—a Buffalo patrolman— feels the job and his wife pulling him in separate directions. Within these chasms, secrets stretch back for decades... Deftly weaving between 1984 and 1956, Chased By Thunder is a fast-paced story that may be read as a stand-alone novel. It is the final book in a four-story arc that includes Broken and Profane, Boneshaker, and Faces and Fingertips. 

Faces and Fingertips

 Trapped by isolation… Ken Connell is a former Buffalo detective who has lost everything: his wife, his job, even his striking good looks, thanks to a shotgun blast that punctured his neck. These days he investigates insurance fraud, reminisces about the woman he loved, and dreams of moving south, while convinced he is being followed. R.J. Sorrentino has always lived on the fringe. He was angry before leaving for Vietnam and grew angrier when he returned. He’s a survivor; yet lately, surviving isn’t enough. His one chance at redemption is his ability to draw. Now working as a police sketch artist, a grisly discovery twists him back into uncertainty. Laura Pantera inhabits a world that looks different from everyone else’s. Her cheating husband is gone, and she’s haunted by a painful childhood. Days are long and nights turn surreal when she plunges into an abyss. Yet a mysterious neighbor mat just provide a lifeline to happiness… FACES AND FINGERTIPS may be read a stand-alone novel, continuing characters introduced in BROKEN AND PROFANE and BONESHAKER. When these lonely souls converge, results are hopeful, electric, and sometimes heartbreaking. 


 A nurse from a Buffalo hospital punches out at midnight, then disappears, leaving an abandoned car in the parking lot. Four days later, the investigation falls to detectives Mark Bennett and Salvatore DeAngelis. Despite August’s heat, the case is ice cold — no suspects and no clues. Meanwhile, on a sweltering afternoon, patrolmen George Pope and Bobby Bennett respond to a routine domestic call, encountering a drug-addled mother in conflict with a father trying to do right by their infant daughter. The legal system offers clear-cut answers, but how should officers respond when the law is flawed? As Mark Bennett struggles with his investigation, a woman appears in the detective bureau carrying his dead father’s tie clip. They were once good friends, she claims, although Bennett has never heard of her. Now she asks a favor... The second installment in a series, Boneshaker is crime fiction inhabited by gritty characters who grapple with gray areas, explore the past, and tread staggered pathways between right and wrong. 

Broken and Profane

 Buffalo, New York, in the fall of 1980: a white supremacist embarks on a killing spree, targeting black people… one every day. His first murder, from city hall’s balcony twenty-eight stories high, becomes his signature.

The case is assigned to Mark Bennett, a new detective whose father was a police legend. Ken Connell, the department’s star investigator, is angry to learn he is passed over. Bennett owns a pedigree, but lacks experience solving homicides. Bennett grapples with secrets: conversations with his dead father, and a burgeoning affair he must keep quiet, because Allison is separating from a husband who doesn’t want her to leave: Ken Connell.

Bobby Bennett, Mark’s younger brother, is a rookie patrolman learning the job. His partner is George Pope, a veteran street cop who once paired with Benett’s father. Pope is wise but crusty, determined to mentor a stubborn young man, no matter how much resistance he faces.

For several days, victims keep coming. Against a backdrop of crooked cops, drug dealers, prostitutes and transvestites, tension mounts as the net narrows on the killer while Connell learns the truth of his wife’s affair. These events converge in a darkened basement with two cops, a killer, and three guns trained in different directions.

Rich in characterization, Broken and Profane is crime fiction that resonates with authenticity, a taut thriller portraying the underbelly of life and the men who are entrusted with keeping society’s order. 

Bike Path Rapist: A Cop's Firsthand Account Of Catching The Killer Who Terrorized A Community

 For nearly three decades, a series of rapes and murders occurred around Western New York by a nameless, faceless man dubbed “The Bike Path Rapist” by local media. Authorities had his DNA and knew his tendency to use a ligature, but could never capture the elusive criminal. His first known attacks were in the mid-1980s, continuing regularly through 1994. After a twelve-year gap, in September 2006, he returned by strangling and killing a 45-year-old mother along a rural bike path. 

About Jeff Schober:

 Jeff Schober is a writer and teacher from Hamburg.  He is the author of non-fiction books Bike Path Rapist (with Det. Dennis Delano) and Growing Up Gronk, with the Gronkowski family.  Chased by Thunder, his latest novel, is the fourth and final book in the Buffalo Crime Fiction Quartet.  He also runs the website,, which features interesting stories about Western New York. 

East Aurora Carolcade on Main St.. We will be open 9am-7pm

Helen Lynch Dec. 15th 11am-1pm with Patricia Bond

Loving Matt

 Widower Matt Copeland packs up his life and moves with his six-year-old son to a small New England town in an attempt to build a new life away from the sadness that haunts them. Refusing to risk his heart, or his son’s, ever again, the former police officer holds everyone at arms length. 
Until he meets realtor Chelsea Abbott. Chelsea has suffered loss as well, but refuses to let it define her. She rents Matt a very special house, and helps him settle into life in Sunset Bay. Then Chelsea is hurt, and the nightmare of losing his wife resurfaces. He realizes he has put his heart, and more importantly his son’s, at risk again, and breaks off the budding relationship. Can Chelsea convince him that love is more powerful than fear and that some things are worth the risk? 

About the author: Helen Lynch

 In love with the written word since she obtained her first library card at the age of five, Helen Lynch has always believed in the magic and power of story telling. So, it was no surprise when her passion for reading turned to writing. She began her career as a journalist, working for the Buffalo News for more than twenty years. Now a full time writer, she spends her days writing small town contemporary romance in a small village in Western New York with her husband Steve, and is the mother of three great kids and three spectacular grandchildren. 

Patricia Bond Dec. 15th 11am-1pm with Helen Lynch

More info to come soon

Virginia Kroll bestselling children's author Dec. 15th 1-3pm

Children's Author Kathy Mancuso Dec. 15th 3-5pm

About Kathy & Her Books:

 Kathleen Mancuso has been an educator for over 30 years in an elementary school in Western New York. She has just published her 3 rd children’s book. 

The 1st book is “Different or the Same?” for ages 4-10. It’s a story of celebrating our differences as well as our similarities. Kathleen’s cousin Monica Gartler is the awesome, award winning illustrator in all 3 books.

The 2nd book is “Pooleville Pete” for ages 4-12. It’s a story of a groundhog named Pete, who cries every Feb. 2nd on Groundhog Day. Find out how a little girl named Molly comes to his rescue.

“Molly and Tim’s Zooventure” is the 3 rd published book for ages 5-12. Once again, our heroine Molly makes a difference in the lives of 3 zoo elephants.

A famous MASH star and animal advocate contacted Kathleen ( a phone call!!) to say that she likes the messages in all 3 of Kathleen’s books!! 

Miriam Smith Dec. 22nd 11am-1pm

My Story: Miriam's story (autobiography)

Author David Brown Dec. 22nd 1-3pm


The Elusive Chauffeur
by David Brown

"A wealthy businesswoman, Krista Clark, was found dead in her bedroom, a revolver in her hand and a typed suicide note on her desk. Did she commit suicide, or was she murdered?"


Who Is Alpha?
A Sam Mohlar Mystery
by David H. Brown

" Faculty and a student at Henry Dunster University have been murdered, and the police know someone using the code name Alpha is behind these murders. Available at"

About David H Brown:



Author David H. Brown has lived his entire life in Western New York State. While teaching for thirty-three years at Niagara County Community College (NCCC), he wrote four mathematics books (some of them are still being used at NCCC). After he retired from teaching, he tutored for fourteen years in the NCCC Mathematics Center. During his retirement years, he also wrote two mystery novels, The Elusive Chauffeur, and Who is Alpha?