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Please remember - most book  events are free of charge and open to all, please see details for each  event.  However, all books to be signed should be purchased at the  Bookworm, the sponsoring organization of these events.


Generally workshops are Pre-register and Pre-pay. Our coordinators need to know how much material to prepare and we have limited space available for each event.

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Rick Falkowski Friday April 27th 6:00-7:30

History of Buffalo Music & Entertainment

The History of Buffalo Music &  Entertainment from the 1830s to the early 1980s. The 18 chapters in the  book cover: Canal Street (Christy's Minstrels and early theaters), The  Pan-Am Exposition, Theaters (Michael Shea, other theater chains,  vaudeville, burlesque & legitimate theater), Crystal Beach big band  concerts & other amusement parks, Nightclubs (big band jazz,  Dellwood Ballroom, Town Casino, Chez Ami, The Jazz Triangle, Colored  Musicians Club, early Jazz musicians & clubs), early radio &  television, Classical Music, The 1950s rock 'n' roll and folk music, The  1960s Buffalo Sound bands, The 1960s Teen Club Era Bands, Behind the  Scenes (manufactures, music education, music stores & music  businesses), Clubs in the 1960s & 1970s, The 1970s, Original Music  Scene, Jazz, Blues & R&B in the 1970s and early 1980s, Ethnic  Music (German, Irish & Polish), Country Music and The 1980s. 

Book Talk

Rick will giving 2 short Book Talks that evening. One at 6:15 and one at 7:00, with time in between to discuss and ask questions.  Books are available now or at time of event.

About Rick Falkowski

Rick Falkowski has been involved in all aspects of WNY Entertainment for the past 50 years. He is the founder of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, founder of the Buffalo Music Awards, former publisher of Buffalo Backstage Magazine, former employee of ASCAP, Time Warner retiree, entertainment coordinator for Tonawandas Gateway Concerts, gives presentations on Buffalo Music History for the Erie County Department of Senior Services and is the author of the book History of Buffalo Music & Entertainment.

Dave Bauer with his book WHAT'S UNDER THAT ROCK PAPA?

Dave Bauer Children's Book Saturday April 28 11:30-12:30


When Serea and Kai spend a weekend at their Grammy and Papa’s home, it’s always a time of discovery and fun!  Join them as they encounter the wonders of backyard nature, from the microcosm of life under rocks and compost piles, to the joy of learning why thunder sounds scary and rain clouds are black. With Serea and Kai as their guides, children and adults will be encouraged to join in exploring their own backyards in search of those fascinating moments of discovery fostering inquiry learning and the riches of playing in nature.

 What’s Under That Rock, Papa?
Interactive reading of Dave Bauer’s book, What’s Under That Rock, Papa?.  Includes activities in backyard nature including composting, lessons on the value of recycling, and uncovering insects hideouts. 

About Dave


Dave Bauer’s first book, What’s Under That Rock, Papa?, is a wonderfully illustrated, interactive story for children to experience with an adult.  Dave’s understanding of backyard nature leads children and adults on a journey of discovery and insight. Dave has a unique perspective into the wonder of how children learn.   His grandchildren, Serea and Kai, share their spontaneous curiosity on each page of the story.  His storytelling and book readings energize children and adults to seek the joy and wonder to be found in natural play.

Dave loves the outdoors, hiking, biking and cross-country skiing. Several areas that Dave has dedicated his professional work include teaching environmental science, training others in creative thinking, change leadership and living sustainability. Here’s a peek into Dave’s work – The Change Circle

What others are saying:


  • “Sometimes the best thing for young children to do is slow down and take the time to go out in their backyard or local park and start turning over rocks to see what they can find.  This book encourages this behavior, and also highlights the importance of having an adult to share in these experiences.”

Scott Lawson
Early Childhood Programs Specialist, Buffalo Zoo

  • “Dave Bauer reminds us that children are hungry for nature and relationship, and in this beautiful book he gives us both.”

Mary Carol Dearing
Elementary School Nature Club Advisor

  • “Dave Bauer brings a close relationship with his grandchildren as well as nature exploration to this fun book that any child will relate to, especially those who have turned over a rock to examine the bugs underneath.”

Judith Frizlen
Director, Rose Garden, Early Childhood Center

WALES by Dee Zeigel April 5th

Meet Dee and get your copy Saturday May 5 1-3pm ----- 2018 is Wales BiCentennial Year

 The Bookworm & BW Gifts and ARcadia Publishing are proud to present  Dee Zeigel's book JUST OUT 

Images of America WALES

In 1804, the first pioneers to settle in Wales were William and Ethan Allen, Amos Clark, and Jacob Turner. Once a part of the Holland Land Company, the town was etched out along the trails of Native Americans. From its inception, the town of Wales has relied on community involvement and sound financial growth to fill its needs. Schools were established, and religious services were held in homes and schools until such time as the community had funds sufficient to build formal churches. Though Wales is primarily a farming area, small businesses were welcomed and thrived in the community. Town boards through the years have continued to keep Wales a quiet rural community. 


 As a new resident 40 years ago, Dee Zeigel was privileged to meet lifelong residents who instilled in her a deep interest in the history and philosophy of Wales. This book is a lasting gift to them for sharing memories and helping make Wales her hometown. Current supervisor Rickey Venditti also came to this town at the same time and shares his love of Wales by keeping its cherished hometown values and ideals alive in town government. 

Children's Author Veronica Benes Saturday May 12th from 1-3

Lilaveles A Little Tale


This story is reminiscent of a fable, with easy to read words that are comfortable and uncomplicated. This is an excellent bedtime story.

The story starts to unfold when nocturnal forest animals find it hard to see in the dark, 

Overgrown woods, which results in little bumps in the night. The Lilaveles attempt to create a light source for their forest friends only to find it drizzling out as evening showers come down almost washing away all hopes.  Alas, the elves discover a wonderful and magical new light source……….Discover how the little elves find the magic within them!!

Lilaveles Children Are Love


In this second adventure for the Lilaveles, a new group of elves, the Frillaries have moved into 

What the Lilaveles consider their territory. There are some incidents that lead the Lilaveles to

Think that the Frillaries are up to no good.  The Lilavele and Frillarie children, in their innocence show their families that jumping to conclusions isn’t the only way to jump!  

Art Travel With Maxie and BLue

 Art history presented with fun and laughter.  A little blue bird and a very artsy dog named Maxie travel through time together, transported by sparkling light dust and a magic paint brush. First stop, the caves of Lascaux, France.  Maxie and Blue share bits of information about the magic Shaman and hunting rituals, all the while poking good natured fun at each other. Maxie and Blue are indeed BFF. 

For the Love of Mystery

 Twelve year old Hazel loves to read mystery books, a love she shared with her Great Uncle Ryan.  In his will, Great Uncle leaves Hazel a chance to experience a real life mystery treasure hunt. Hazel, along with her brother Dean and sister Brenda follow riddle to riddle as the mystery unfolds. What Uncle Ryan didn’t plan for was who else knows about the treasure hunt, and how things will go from a innocent treasure hunt to a spine tingling adventure! 

About Veronica


Veronica Benes is an accomplished writer and illustrator of children’s books. She is also a professional artist and art instructor.  She has won art awards at 

Chautauqua Art Institute, Quaker Arts Festival, Genesee Valley Wildlife Art Show, Erie County Fair and many local and regional Fine Arts Shows.


Miriam Lynn Martin-Smith Saturday May 19th 1-3pm

My Story: An Amazing True Near Death Experience and Autobography

An amazing true story of hope, happines , and endurance.

Meet Miram for a Book Signing Saturday May 19th from 1-3

"Life was pretty normal until it turned upside down one day" ,  Miriam writes. Driving one winter day Miriam and her mother were in a terrible car accident. After countless surgeries and years of pain, Miriam maintains her faith in the Lord and her positive attitude got her through. This story will encourage your heart and strengthen your faith in the Lord. 

Miriam Lynn Martin-Smith lives in Western NY with her husband and 2 daughters

June 23rd Mary Quinn-Stanbro with The Berry Picker House

The Berry Picker House

 The Berry-Picker House is a fictional story that ties together the chance meeting of two people in New Orleans during the early part of the twentieth century and a murder trial that takes place in the Finger Lakes Region of Western New York decades later. Connected through the reoccurring song "Lace Around the Moon," this novella is a tale of misguided, tumultuous, and binding love and how the choices that people make affect the lives of everyone under the moonlit skies.  

About the Author:


Mary Pierre Quinn-Stanbro is from Buffalo, NY and currently resides there. She is the oldest of ten children. She is married to Gene Stanbro and will move to their Gene-Pierre Vineyard in Naples, NY when she retires from her Federal Government career where she has provided thirty-two years of public service. Mary Pierre is writing her Sequel to “The Berry-Picker House” and “Lace Around the Moon.” After that, she will be writing her next Novella called “The Band of Blue.” It is about a fictional murder which takes place in Buffalo back in the late 1950’s. It is a dedication to the Buffalo Police Department and her father and grandfather who were both Buffalo Police Officers. Mary Pierre has an Associate’s Degree from Trocaire College and a Bachelor’s Degree from Buffalo State College. She has always wanted to share her writings with others.