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Actor/Author Peter Johnson & his book The Cow On Two Farms

Meet Peter June 29th from 11am-1pm

 THE COW ON TWO FARMS Actor, Writer, Director, and Entrepreneur Peter Johnson Publishes Book About Helping Children Survive Divorce and Separation Actor, Writer, Director, and Entrepreneur Peter Johnson Publishes Book About Helping Children Survive Divorce and Separation and Separation “I want children to see the benefits of living in two homes. I wanted my children to understand that I loved them, and we were going to remain a family despite the separation. It was important for them to know that this experience does not necessarily have to be a scary memory but a childhood adventure where they feel loved and share a few laughs with their loved ones.” Peter Johnson, Actor, Writer, Director and Entrepreneur The statistics are alarming. Divorce rates have climbed across the globe over the past few decades. It’s estimated that 48 percent of American and British children live in divorced single-parent homes by age 16. Research has found that young children often struggle to understand why they must go between two homes. They may worry that if their parents can stop loving one another that someday, their parents may stop loving them. This book will help parents to… • Explain in a loving way how living in two households should not be feared This book will help children to… • See their new living arrangement as a type of an adventure 

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About Peter: 

Peter Johnson is the father of 

two very active little boys, an actor, writer, and film director from Buffalo, New York. He is a graduate of New York Film Academy where he studied the art of acting and film making. Peter has appeared in numerous independent films, television pilots and theater productions over the past 10 years. In 2010, Peter founded his own independent production company, Xavier Productions that specializes in the production of theater and film projects. Peter has an MFA from the University at Buffalo in media production and is a professor at SUNY Buffalo State in their theater department. 

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Kateri Ewing Saturday July 13th 11am-1pm

Look Closer, Draw Better

Capture your subjects on paper like never before. Look Closer, Draw Better will transform the way you see the subjects of your artwork, lighting the way with practical techniques in a range of mediums. 

Kateri will give a short demonstration on Seeing/Drawing where people can follow along.You will  need to bring a sharp pencil, and eraser and a sketchbook, and a small natural object that fits in the palm of your hand. You can either just watch, or participate. :)

Are you looking to make a leap in the quality of your artwork? Are you looking for new perspectives on the art of drawing? Or maybe you want to bring more poetry and presence to your work.

Look Closer, Draw Better will help you reach your goals with projects that explore graphite, charcoal, ink, and watercolor wash, emphasizing techniques that Kateri Ewing has refined over years of practice and teaching. Ewing teaches by training your eye to see subjects clearly in contour, line, and shadow, while you learn to make marks with tools that are expressive of what we really see. Her focus is on nature--birds, flowers, and plants that can be closely observed. Discover the techniques for capturing the delicacy of feathers, the natural blemishes on a piece of fruit, the veins and velvety texture of a leaf--all the tiny details that enhance the realistic quality of a drawing. Ewing takes you carefully through every step.

Let Look Closer, Draw Better inspire and transform your artistic eye.  

Kateri Ewing is an artist in residence and teacher at the Roycroft Art Center in East Aurora, New York. Through her studio teaching and online Craftsy classes, she has introduced thousands of students to drawing in her realistic, nature-centered style. Kateri created three of the top art classes for Watercolor Mixing; See Better, Draw Better; and Start-up Library: Watercolors--which have been among the top performers since their launch dates in 2016 and 2017. Craftsy recently released all three of Kateri's classes on DVD and her latest watercolor class through The Great Courses. Her class on The Great Courses has become a best seller. Kateri writes a regular feature on the art blog. For her artistic and writing endeavors, she was honored with the 2012 Mary and Gil Stott Award at Roycroft. Her artwork has also won numerous awards in both local and national exhibitions. She uses her blog posts and her three class platforms on to interact with her students, daily. She lives in western New York. 

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Kateri Ewing

East Aurora Sidewalk Sale & Street Festival July 27th


Deals & Steals, Specials for this day only!!

50th Annual!!

Come and Celebrate 50 Years of Sidewalk Sale & Street Festival

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