Book Clubs

"The Originals"


- Meet in the store the first Friday of the Month at 6:30

"The Originals",  as the name suggests, was the first book club to begin meeting in the store. They have been going strong since 2012 and are very welcoming to new members. They read all genres and everyone has a vote for title selections.

April - The Murder Book by Lissa Redmond LOCAL AUTHOR VISIT


Cold case detective Lauren Riley wakes up in the hospital certain of two things: she was stabbed and left for dead...and the person who did it was a cop.

After being brutally stabbed at her desk late one night, Lauren Riley works her way backwards through the haze to piece together who attacked her and why. A mysterious phone message forces her to enlist the help of a retired lieutenant to track down a witness who is desperate not to be found. As she digs into the Buffalo Police Department's hidden past she uncovers a terrible secret, one a fellow officer would kill to protect.

Packed with suspense and featuring a detective who "relentlessly--and with morbid humor--gets the job done" (Booklist), The Murder Book continues a series praised by Kirkus Reviews as "an excellent police procedural combined with a psychological thriller.

Saturday Morning Book Club


Meets 3rd Saturday of each month at 9:30 AM

New members always welcome!!

March - Murder at Ravenswood Hall by Michael Maccalupo

  Murder at Ravenswood Hall:

‘Daddy’ Orwatt and his beautiful, cunning and much younger wife, Amiyah, a budding mystery writer who needs material for her latest novel, “Murder at Ravenswood Hall”, have invited his top executives to his 70th birthday party for dinner and a murder mystery game. The game is his way of finding his successor to hand over the power and control to his mega-billion dollar corporation. This would be the final test of their loyalty and leadership ability.

            Amiyah takes this game a step further than her unwitting husband intended. The game is taken over by legendary ghosts of the Cape Fear region. Who will die and who will get the top job? The mystery takes an unusual turn as it travels north from Wilmington, NC to Buffalo, NY, following yet another murder!

            Murder, mystery and the supernatural all come together to change their lives...forever!

Author Tim Bohen to discuss Against the Grain April 20th 9:30am

 Against the Grain tells the story of a group of mostly Irish immigrants who toiled in the hulls of grain ships and in other waterfront industries in an area called the First Ward of Buffalo, New York. The First Ward was a geographically isolated area of Buffalo primarily inhabited by settlers from the south and west of Ireland, but was also home to enough Germans, Poles, and Italians to make life even more interesting. This economically deprived area produced an abundance of historically important people including Fingy Conners, the largest private employer on the Great Lakes; Michael Shea, Buffalo’s greatest entertainment showman; “Wild Bill” Donovan, the founding father of what became the CIA; John Sheehan, one-time Tammany Hall boss; Jimmy Slattery, the Light Heavyweight Champion of the World; and Jimmy Griffin, the longest serving mayor in Buffalo history. The stories of other lesser-known but equally important Ward residents such as Mike Quinn, Jack White, Algie McGuire, Roggie Lavin, Father Thomas Conway, the McCarthy brothers, and even Rick James are also told. Readers will also learn about historical events that Ward residents were thrust into such as the Tidal Wave of 1844, the Fenian Raid, violent railroad strikes, the Great Strike of 1899, the Tewksbury Disaster, and the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway—the ultimate cause of the demise of Buffalo’s waterfront economy.  

Other Area Book Clubs


Mambrino King Main St. East Aurora

Mambrino King Wine Coffee and Chocolate Bar (Main St. East Aurora) - Read Wine Book Club - meets the first Monday of the Month at 6:30. Please contact Mambrino King at 716-714-9293 for more information or Facebook page

Purrfect Tea on Main St East Aurora

Purrfect Tea on Main St. East Aurora has a Book Club that meets every other Friday. Please contact them at 716-655-1044 or check their Facebook page

Roycroft Book Club

Roycroft Book Club Info:

Please contact The Roycroft for times and location.

January 10th - The Wonder by Emma Donoghue

March 7 - The Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City by Margaret Creighton

May 9th - The Handmaid's Tale

June 20 - The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin

September 12 - Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann

November 14 - What She Ate by Laura Shapiro